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Nikki Coletta 

I am an Artist, a Coach, an Athlete, a Dog Mom, a Survivor.

As an artist, I have the ability to create, push, pull and stretch the boundaries of your imagination. I am acutely aware of the significance of my surroundings, my vision and my voice.  With every stroke of my brush, my intent is to paint with compassion, to create with inspiration while simultaneously freezing time.  My role is to capture the darkest of hearts and the brightest of thoughts. Constantly walking that tight rope between reality and imagination.

I am also an athlete, a coach and a survivor of three open-heart surgeries by the time I was 10 years old, as well as a recent life-saving operation; all experiences which continually influence every aspect of my life.  My intention each day is to inspire, uplift and encourage others to take a step forward, to climb that mountain, to cross that line, to protect and stand up for their beliefs.  There is an infinite number of possibilities in life and the only way we can reach our full potential, is to have the courage to go beyond our limitations, real or imagined.

We are a constant work-in-progress. . . a prelude of what is yet to come.  I strive to reflect that reality on canvas.

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