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Dog Days

Dogs are the windows to our souls. They are bold, funny, sweet, stoic, brave, curious and loyal. Dogs play hard and work hard for us. They know no boundaries and have no prejudice. We can see resemblances in the mirror and our personalities are often reflected in our pets.  They protect us, they help us, they provide companionship and therapy. They hear for us, see for us, find for us. But the best thing they do for us is they become part of our family, forever engrained in our hearts.

If you are interested in a dog or pet portrait please contact me.

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Acrylic 16x16 (both portraits)

From the very second I met Eleanor I couldn't resist her big eyes and her playful demeanor. She was a total love bug and always ran to me from across the gym floor when her Dad would bring her into the gym with him. She had her own spot and her own workout gear. I was so honored to have painted these portraits for her owners. Her energy, soulfulness and those big beautiful eyes will be missed. RIP Little E!

Acrylic 24x24

I had never met Oscar, but his personality and zest for life shone through all the photos. The bond between him and his Dad was evident and the adventures they share is reflected in how happy he is to be along for the ride.

Acrylic 12x16

Milton is a happy go lucky pup. In all of his pictures I received from his owners he always had this huge grin on his face. You can tell his owners are giving him his best life and you can also tell he is running with it. Such a great spirit that even shows through the lense.

Acrylic 16x16

Coltrane is one cool dude. He lives in the hot spot of DC, gets long walks and close to a dog park as well as gets to ride shot gun with his favorite human. He is pretty majestic and definitely holds the key to his owners heart.

Acrylic 12x12

Kota is Marleys Sister. A much more energetic and bouncing off the walls just like every other sister. In rare moments the owners are able to capture a photograph of her true and loving nature as she lies still and calm disposition. Other than that her job is to keep everyone in the household on their toes. 

Barley & Maisie
Acrylic 16x16

When I first received several photos of Barley and Maisie I had spotted this one photo and I knew I wanted to paint it, however difficult it was. Sure I had done two dogs before but not intertwined like this. Dogs are pack animals and this portrays how they are with one another. Their bond, friendship and loyalty is astounding compared to that of any human.

Oreo & Dylan
Acrylic 16x16

Dylan and Oreo owner came to me during the holidays. He wanted to get this painted for his wife for their anniversary. I was really excited to paint this for them considering his wife is a great friend of mine. I have to say it was pretty hard to keep a secret. I did better than expected and kept quiet. I am happy to report she loved the painting. I have to admit I was a bit nervous. But like these little pups, I was resilient and kept my end of the bargain up.

Hoop (Game Face)
Acrylic 12x12

I made this painting for an auction that will be going from March 11th till March 20th, 2020. It is being auctioned off to raise money for the Vieques Humane Society in Peurto Rico. Here is the link to the auction and for anyone who is interested in creating something for them in the future.

Vieques Humane Society 2020 Art Auction 

Ginger, Raven & Bogart
Acrylic 12x12

The owner of Nala (below) had asked me to paint this for his father. This was my first trio of dogs on one canvas and I was up for the challenge.  I really enjoyed painting the different personalities and the colors of each one that made them stand out but yet belonged to the same pack. Each one was significant and played and intricate part in their owners life. They are lucky to have one another, but we are lucky to have them.

Acrylic 12x12

Charo was loving, calm and charming. She loved to chill and go on vacation with her family. She was kind, compassionate and a great companion to my Uncle and my Aunt. Even though she was a little thing she had a big presence in their home. I wanted to give them a little something to remind them that while she is no longer with us the colors of her soul are.

Acrylic 11x14
Ace was my dad's dog. I remember how much he would follow him around and just be so close to all the family members. He was goofy, strong, stoic, playful and brave.  LIke a typical Boxer he had lots of energy so when my Dad, StepMom and brother moved to the country there was no doubt he was in his element. Chasing squirrels, going for long walks with my Dad, keeping all the critters away at night and enjoying the space he had to run. While Ace was a barrel of fun, he was also proud to be part of the family that chose him.

RIP Ace.


Acrylic 12x16

This little, feisty Italian Miniature Greyhound entered their owners world with a big presence and a zest for life. They often called him noodle and serenaded him with many songs. He moved across the country and even to a different one all while remaining a steady companion and a loyal cuddle bug. I saw this photo of him running in the sand, I knew that this was the one that portrayed his beautiful, fun loving spirit. I hope that wherever you are you are running free, jumping high and playing in the sands of time.

RIP Linguini.


Acrylic 11x14
Loki was a beloved dog sister and daughter to a great family. She loved playing in the water, catching a ball, chasing fish and being with her family. Not only was Loki a strong, athletic, agile dog, she was also stunning, with beautiful dark fur and striking blue eyes. She has since crossed the rainbow bridge, but I have no doubt she is running through the water chasing her dreams.


Acrylic 11x14
Gunner was Loki's Brother by adoption. He was the Yin to Loki's Yang. A compassionate, loyal and fun pup, who loved to run and play with his soulmates. It is no wonder his family misses him so much. He loved his family and the fun he had with them and it showed in his eyes and the smile on his face. I was honored to paint both of these dogs.

My Pal Cal
Acrylic 11x14
My longtime friend had asked me to paint her dog Calvin that she had recently and suddenly lost, however, she was not ready to have me get started quite yet. Grief can take a minute or two. I told her to let me know and I will be here. Soon after, she was ready. I felt as if I already knew this amazing, silly, & loyal creature from all the loving instagram and facebook posts his family had made about him. He was a bit of a mischief and proud of it. His family, however, loved him just the same. I was honored to do this painting for her and her family. I am so happy they get a reminder, when in doubt, to always walk on the wild side. 

Acrylic 11x14
I could not wait to paint Khaleesi. She just looked so happy and amazing. Small but stoic, tiny but tall in stature , little but fierce. From all the pictures I received, this dog is no stranger to love and affection she received from family members. Her portrait will be given to them as a gift. I was very honored to have been able to paint such an extraordinary pup.

Acrylic 11x14
Nala is a looker. She often lounges in the grass and gets a lot of attention. She is calm and energized, she is also in great shape from going on long hikes with her Dad. She is fit and agile but lazy and loungy. She is happy either way, just as long as she is with the family she adores.

Acrylic 11x14
Bailey is a foster failure to my best friend. He is very convincing to make you play ball with him. He will find a tennis ball and stick with it at all costs. Whether it will be at the park, waiting in line, at a bar or in the house. He is also always so excited to see you, especially if you have a ball to throw. Bailey not only loves to play ball, but also loves to play with his brother, Bohdi (below).

Acrylic 11x14
Bodhi, like his brother Bailey (above) is also a foster failure. My best friend could not bare to separate the two brothers. Unlike Bailey, Bodhi is the sensitive one. He is the one that likes to sit in your lap, get cuddles and licks you to death, especially if you are his Aunt Nikki!! :) My goddog is a handful but a loving and loyal one and I would not want it any other way.

Acrylic 12x12
Marley came to me as a foster, named Hudson. A shy, timid and scared little guy.  He was an absolutely stunning and beautiful pup. So cute and smart. After a few days he was my shadow and would not leave my side. His goofy playful self began to emerge and he started to open up a bit. I began to take so many pictures of this little guy. My dog was very jealous. He was soon adopted and I was pretty sad I only had him for 5 days. Good news is my cousin adopted him so he stayed in the family. I made this painting for her for Christmas that year. Congrats on finding your furever home Marley.

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